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Early in 2011 we commenced re-development of the Marienburg Manor House and its extensive grounds on the banks of the Rhine at Monheim. Our dream was to create, over time, a Business/Conference and Special Events Center of very high quality in this unique location. Looking back, it is hard to believe the pace of expansion from our initial set up, restricted as we were to the first floor of the complex, hiring out rooms for small meetings.

As our Conference Center continued to expand over the intervening years we also completed our “Bar-B-Que Academy” in the old Coach House beside the Manor. This concept has been a labour of love and since the summer of 2012 much effort has been put into further developing the Academy as an innovative catering experience. And recently the appeal of the entire complex has been greatly enhanced with our latest expansion projects – (i) the Whiskey and Wine Lounge situated in the completely renovated cellar of the Manor and (ii) the construction of a Guest House beside it, comprising twenty rooms with the highest quality furnishings and state-of-the-art connectivity.
Both the Whiskey and Wine Lounge and the Guest House opened in October 2015.

With this range of distinctive components we offer you and your group a well organised and effective platform for seminars, conferences, training sessions and work-shops - in fact any type of off-site meeting you can think of. All contained within the Marienburg Manor Estate - an historic location with an atmosphere of privacy and seclusion which cannot be matched.

As well as business meetings Marienburg Manor is also the ideal place to celebrate special events - such as weddings, anniversaries, family or organisational milestones -indeed any occasion where groups wish to come together and enjoy each other’s company in an exclusive and idyllic setting. Our enthusiastic team will pull out all the stops to make sure you have an unforgettable experience!

Our philosophy is a simple one and very easy to explain:

We want the best decisions to come out of your meeting, the optimum creativity to arise during your workshop, your special event to be an absolutely unique experience and - if you stay here overnight - that when you awake – you won’t feel like leaving here. Ever!

This simple philosophy becomes reality in the hands of the efficient but relaxed team of people here at Marienburg Manor. We will work with you to understand your aims and make every effort to bring them to fruition - from the most important aspects down to the smallest detail.

We are proud that, working painstakingly with the Manor’s owner and with the expert assistance of some great partners, we have instilled new life into - and re-captured the unique atmosphere of - this marvellous old Manor House which dates from the late-1800s. Now Marienburg Manor has awoken and rewarded us all by living up to every promise we envisioned for this handsome estate.

Our firm belief is that this successful cooperation with our partners in which we achieved extraordinary goals by working within a competent and reliable network - is proof (and a convincing argument for any prospective client) that the Marienburg Manor team is a high-achieving, effective and dependable partner which can add value to your organisation’s event.

And if this philosophy of ours matches yours, then that’s great!

Come visit us here at Marienburg Manor! We’d love to meet and show you around.




Around 1879/80 Eugen von Kesseler commissioned the Cologne architect, August Carl Lange, to construct a Manor House of brick, reminiscent of the 13th century fortified monastery of the Teutonic Order of Knights in what was then Marienburg, West Prussia - now Malbork, in modern Poland. Malbork has become an official twin-city of Monheim.

The red brick facade, the staircase-shaped Gabel and the view from the raised entrance – from where on a clear day one has sweeping views down to the famous Cologne Cathedral – Marienburg Manor impresses every visitor. Despite the passage of time Marienburg, set in 1.7 hectares of tended parklands, is a reminder of the Prussian influence in the Rhineland. This is due to the undertaking from Eugen von Kesseler as he, the architect August Carl Lange with a large band of farm hands and labourers from the nearby village of Monheim erected the Manor, that the new family residence should be faithful to the original plans of the castle in West Prussia. This promise has been kept through wars and across the centuries.

The building was designed as a stately family seat. Eugen and Fanziska von Kesseler went on to raise at least thirteen children here. Eugen owned a large parcel of land which stretched to where one of Monheim’s main streets, Hofstrasse now runs. He served on the Royal Prussian Court and represented the constituency of Bonn-Rheinbach in the Prussian House of Representatives from 1870 to 1874 and again from 1882 to 1885. He was the co-founder of the conservative Center Party and was a member of the Reichstag or Parliament from 1871 to 1884.

While he led a very busy life in many ways he was a family man with a great desire to build a quiet retreat.
From the very start von Kesseler wanted to avoid the townsfolk becoming envious and tried to make as little impression as possible. However reports soon spread from those who worked on the construction that there were built-in wardrobes in every room as well as flush toilets with running water. It definitely wasn’t a modest holiday home. Marienburg cost the von Kesselers 75,000 Reichmarks to build.

In the Second World War an anti-aircraft gunnery was set up on the tower of the Marienburg. During a battle in February 1945 the top of the tower was blown away. The current owner, Paul Vogel had the tower restored to its former state.

Up until 1982 the Manor was still owned by the family. In that year the last descendant of the Royal Prussian Court, Elisabeth von Kesseler, died.
Just two years later the estate made juicy headlines in the tabloid press. “Heidi and Jurgen” used the Prussian building for a “Super Party”; but this was no country dance. The two tenants of the Manor operated a swingers club though it wasn’t openly promoted as a wife swopping set up. However the Monheim Council were not stupid. They observed that alcohol was being served at the parties and that was the end of the risqué operation. The headlines read: “Monheim Pleasure Castle to Close”. “Heidi and Jurgen” had unfortunately failed to obtain a liquor license!

Marienburg remains in private hands to this day. Monheim Council purchased the surrounding parkland together with the “Landesgartenschau Europa 2000 Plus” organisation, restored it and opened it to the public. A Memorial to the original owners, the von Kesseler family has been erected in the park.

The current leaseholder, Alexander Zimmer, runs Marienburg Manor as a seminar and conference center. A modern Guesthouse containing twenty well-appointed rooms has been constructed beside the Manor. A novel “Bar-b-que Academy” is located in the former Coach House and the fully renovated cellar of the Manor now houses a “Wine & Whiskey Lounge”.

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